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Kombucha as a nutrient supplier - compensating for deficits

In conversation with founder Laura from L-Complex

Regular kombucha consumption can help you to balance various nutrient deficits and, thanks to the many probiotic kombucha cultures and beneficial acids, keep your intestinal environment in balance.

Should you ever have an explicit deficiency of a certain nutrient, it is advisable to also take a dietary supplement and to replenish your storage in a targeted manner.

In the jungle of many dietary supplements, Laura stands out with her young StartupL COMPLEX strongly different from other products. Your preparations are exclusively from natural ingredients made and to 100% tested for purity , as well as largely vegan. In an interview, Laura tells us interesting facts about nutrients and why little stress and a healthy gut and a balanced microbiome so important for a healthy body are!

“Food is no longer as nutritious as it used to be. In addition, our digitized and fast-moving society lives at a completely abnormal level of stress that prevents our bodies from absorbing and storing nutrients properly.”

1. Please introduce yourself and L-COMPLEX briefly. Why the name and how did you come up with the idea of founding L-COMPLEX?

My name is Laura and I founded L-COMPLEX in early 2019 parallel to my job at a Berlin start-up at the time. I have always been interested in healthy eating. I found my way to dietary supplements only after a long health stumbling block. My insight: We live in a world full of new stressors that make it difficult to eat healthy, get enough exercise, and get enough rest. Chronic ailments such as migraines, intolerances or fatigue are now part of everyday life for most people. We can actively do something about it! I want to help people better understand their bodies and treat them through a holistic approach more happiness and health in life help The right dietary supplements are the most important first step.

2. Dietary supplements are trendy: What distinguishes your products from others?

Of the Dietary supplement market is very opaque and meanwhile flooded with products and various promises of healing. Most of the products have many synthetic and animal ingredients and additives that the body does not need and can even burden it. The products are rarely tested for purity, so some of them may be contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins. Our products are all based on natural ingredients , are 100% tested for purity and largely vegan . we produce in Germany according to the highest EU guidelines , for short delivery routes and full control over the supply chain and quality. Instead of plastic, we use recycled glass as packaging. We try to work and produce largely CO2-neutral. Our recipes are specially created together with our biochemists. We only use ingredients that have been scientifically proven to have a function / benefit in the body without putting a strain on it. Thanks to our experts, we can too react quickly to new research results .

3. Why do so many people in a developed society like ours need additional supplements?

If a conscious diet is not enough to supply the body with the necessary nutrients One would think so. Unfortunately, it is precisely our developed society that is the problem: our breeding grounds are completely overloaded by agriculture, the earth can no longer properly recover. The result: Food is no longer as nutritious as it used to be. In addition, our digitized and fast company at a totally abnormal stress level , which prevents our bodies from absorbing and storing nutrients properly. You have to imagine it like this: We used to run away from lions and all other organs, including our digestion, were paralyzed so that we could survive. Today we have a high pulse due to the various media we consume every day as well as the daily stress of work, family and leisure. We sleep even less and targeted relaxation phases are neglected. The result is the same. Hardly anyone today still has the necessary nutrient intake to stay healthy in the long term. This is reflected, among other things, quite clearly in the Increase in chronic physical and mental illnesses again. And let's be honest Who still feels at 100%? Hardly anyone!! An optimized nutrient intake helps.

4. On your blog you write that emotional stress and fears in particular are more present than before and that these would have a significant impact on health in the long term. How can your dietary supplements help?en?

the Psyche and our physical well-being are closely related and behave almost symbiotically. One weak psyche affects nutrient absorption and immune system , as well as nutrition and the immune system also have an influence on the psyche. Anyone suffering from stress and anxiety should pay attention to nutrients that support the immune system and a normal psyche. Because our Nutrient absorption occurs primarily in the gut and 70% of our immune system resides in the gut , we always recommend the first step Intestinal structure by taking our Active Cultures . Vitamin B Complex is also recommended. The B vitamins are involved in almost every metabolism in the body and not only promote the immune system (B6, B12), but also have a direct influence on the psyche (B1) and nervous system (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12).

5. Do you have a tip on how to best support your immune system during the cold season??

If you're not already doing it, you should Make sure you take vitamin D supplements in winter . Vitamin D is only absorbed through the sun's rays and cannot be produced by the body itself. It is therefore not surprising that up to 90% of Germans have a deficiency. Good to know: Vitamin D is actually a hormone and thus also has an indirect influence on other hormones such as serotonin or our reproductive hormones. Women in particular should therefore pay attention to a good mirror. Additional Antioxidants such as vitamin C and zinc support our immune system against pathogens that circulate in winter. Otherwise we recommend on the adequate intake of green vegetables be careful, as this contains many valuable nutrients and is usually neglected in winter.

6. How important do you think the microbiome and a healthy gut are for nutrient absorption?

As previously noted, the microbiome is incredibly important. Nutrient absorption takes place mainly in the small intestine and can only function if our intestines are in balance. It is therefore worth investing in a healthy intestinal environment, e.g. through the right diet and additional nutrients that our Intestinal flora in balance keep.

7. Of course, as Kombucha lovers, we find the Active Cultures from L-Complex particularly exciting. Feel free to tell us more about how valuable you think probiotic bacterial cultures are in your diet?

A balanced intestinal flora is the be-all and end-all for our general well-being. That's why it's worth doing something actively for our intestinal health. Our Active Cultures contain 14 of the most important bacterial strains and 10.65 billion germs that are essential for a good intestinal environment. Just when we're feeling bloated Difficulties with digestion or even suffer from intolerances, this is usually a sign that we do not have enough good intestinal bacteria. Our intestinal wall may already be permeable and susceptible to pathogens (leaky gut). This is where probiotics like our Active Cultures can help andd replenish the good bacteria in the gut . It's also generally worth it probiotic foods to integrate into the diet in order to support our intestines with good bacteria every day. Particularly recommended are: Kimchi, yogurt, kombucha, miso, tofu and sauerkraut.

8. Please give us a little glimpse into the future, what do you still have planned for your journey with L-COMPLEX?

With L-COMPLEX I want to create a place where I give the customer power again, take an active role in your own health . With the right tips and products, I want to help people develop routines that lay the foundation for a long life worth living despite stress. I'm aiming for one holistic approach that goes far beyond micronutrients. Many exciting projects await you in the coming year.

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