4.9 stars: Over 100,000 Healthier Customers

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4.9 stars: Over 100,000 Healthier Customers

Kombu... what? Kombucha!

Forget everything you know about kombucha...
We have rethought kombucha!

Discover kombucha

You don't know kombucha yet?

Kombucha has its origins in Asia over 2000 years ago and is a fermented tea drink made from four natural, organic ingredients.

During the fermentation weeks, the Kombucha bacteria and yeasts metabolize the sugared tea infusion.

This creates over 32 healthy nutrients, probiotics and vitamins. Thanks to these ingredients, kombucha is a nutrient bomb and has many health-promoting effects.

Kombucha becomes Kombuchery

Kombucha was previously known as a bland or sweet tea drink - Not at Kombuchery!

Often kombucha was heated or pasteurized, consisted of concentrates and was full of sugar. So there was nothing left of the healthy effect - Completely different with Kombuchery!

We do not compromise in production. Our kombucha is raw and full of living microorganisms.

Delicious taste and good for your body

We use healthy kombucha tea in its pure form as a base and combine it with organic fruits such as ginger or orange. This creates a sparkling and sweet and sour taste that you will love! Completely without flavors or artificial additives.

To support the positive effects on your intestinal and body health, Kombuchery contains other probiotics (Bacillus Coagulans) in addition to the live microorganisms created by fermentation.

A real treat for your belly!

Do good with every sip

We live social commitment since the first day. Together with Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli eV we are building drinking water and sanitary facilities in Africa.

We also bottle our kombucha in a social inclusion workshop.

As a young startup, sustainability is important to us and we are a proud member of 1% for the Planet. So everyone gets something out of Kombuchery!

Our motto: revitalising

We want to establish Kombuchery as a healthy and tasty refreshment and differentiate our kombucha from conventional beverage companies.

Be part of our revolution and the new age of the beverage industry!