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✓ Kombucha Subscription: 20% Off

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Kombuchery can only be found in the best shops in town! You can find us to try and enjoy at selected restaurants, cafés, bars and retailers who also love kombucha and for whom organic, sustainability and social commitment are important! More are added every month, also in your area.

No kombucha in your area yet?
Until then, order free of charge in ourOnline shop and recommend us to your favorite stores!

You would like to buy Kombuchery locally in your area, but can't find a café, retailer or restaurant?

We welcome anyone who wants to help us establish Kombuchery locally! In principle, the rule of thumb applies: wherever healthy, sustainable or social products are in the range or are on the menu, our organic kombucha also fits in!

The great thing is that the cafés, restaurants and retailers are very happy about innovative suggestions from their customers and are open to them!

We would be happy to provide you with further information, just write to ussales@kombuchery.de.

Just write us an emailsales@kombuchery.de and we will send you our dealer price list and the minimum order quantity, tasting included!

Grüezi Schweiz – Kombuchery bei Coop to go

You can find us in selected markets throughout Germany

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