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✓ Kombucha Subscription: 20% Off



How is the kombucha shipped??

We send our kombucha bottles in an environmentally friendly and unbreakable box. Each bottle is separated and protected so that the glass cannot be damaged. The shipment is insured with our reliable logistics partner DHL. As soon as the package has left our warehouse, you will automatically receive an email with a tracking number.

How long does the delivery take?

Any order placed before 10:00 a.m. (Monday to Friday) will be shipped to you on the same day with DHL and will arrive within a short time. Please refer to the following list for the exact duration.

country Shipping Standard delivery time
🇩🇪  Germany For free 1-3 days
🇦🇹  Austria 8.99€ 2-5 days
🇨🇭  Switzerland 19.99€ 3-5 days
🇧🇪  Belgium 13.99€ 2-5 days
🇩🇰  Denmark 13.99€ 2-5 days
🇫🇷  France 13.99€ 2-5 days
🇮🇹  Italy
2-5 days
🇱🇺  Luxembourg 13.99€ 2-5 days
🇳🇱  Netherlands 13.99€ 2-5 days
🇵🇱  Poland 13.99€ 2-5 days
🇪🇸  Spain 13.99€ 2-5 days
🇨🇿  Czech Republic 13.99€ 2-5 days

Important information about delivery:

  1. Please store the kombucha in the refrigerator at max + 7C immediately after delivery.
  2. If there are small sediment, shake the kombucha gently before drinking and then open it carefully. These are small, natural "mini scobys" created by fermentation. Of course, you can simply filter these out depending on your taste.